ONO Returns to Reject for The Moment Its Sale to Vodafone, The Soap Opera Continues

The possible purchase of ONO by Vodafone It begins to seem more and more like an eternal soap opera. Today seemed to be the indicated day so will close the sale of the Millicom to the British company, but according to Reuters, which on Friday claimed that there was a preliminary agreement, sale still close.

The meeting of shareholders today has decided continue with the old plans, remove the bag company. Yet sources say that talks with Vodafone also still ahead, so it all goes back to sign that ONO owners are still looking for pressuring its potential buyer so that it increases its offer.

It is still no agreement, so simple. If someone thought that ONO to Vodafone selling was going to be a matter of days the idea vanishes. Obviously the current shareholders of the company, most that venture capital funds they have even ten years on it, they want to tighten the Red company to get a greater benefit for a not yet closed sale.

On Friday the information pointed that there was an agreement between both parties, after meeting the CEO of Vodafone and several shareholders and agree on a price, but even so the agreement has not been ratified today by the Board. Therefore maintained plans to bag, although There are still months that this can produce, long enough so that we will see an agreement of sale.