ONO Suffers a General Decline of Its Mobile Network [Updated]

It seems that lately we are getting used to the fall of the networks of the operators, and more specifically that of the virtual. Recently was Jazztel which left several hours without line customers, compensating them later with five euros of income into account, and now the problem has jumped to ONO.

For about two hours the ONO mobile phone users, Movistar coverage-dependent but it seems to have no problems, they are seeing as they have run out of line, so you can not communicate or via data or with calls.

More than two hours ago they began to see the first comments in the network of ONO customers who complained of not having line on your mobile as the comments grew. At the moment the company has already recognized on his official Twitter account the problem, ensuring that they are already trying to solve it.

We are working on recovering the mobile service to normal as soon as possible. We keep you informed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

— ONO (@ono_ono) April 1, 2014

ONO currently with more than one million mobile, after closing 2013 with 1.085.000 lines lines. The Millicom customers have mobile MoviStar coverage while Vodafone, the recent purchaser of the company, will migrate in near future to its own coverage to ONO mobile clients.

We will be updating this article as you go having news environment to the recovery of the mobile network of ONO, If you are affected You can tell us your problem in the comments on this story.

UPDATE: ONO communicates via Twitter that the service is being restored and that they will be notified when it is 100% up.

The service is being restored in much of the network’s coverage. We inform you when we reach 100%. Sorry for the inconvenience.

— ONO (@ono_ono) April 1, 2014

UPDATE 2: ONO says having restored to complete its network. Failure to see now which will be compensation that their customers will receive.

We inform you that the service works properly on all of the mobile network. Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your trust

— ONO (@ono_ono) April 1, 2014