Orbit Sleeping Bag 0-Deuter

Sleeping bags Deuter
As backpacks from Deuter, the sleeping bags also prioritize quality and comfort.
The Deuter sleeping bags are tested in ISO TR 11079 EN 13537 and to ensure that the temperatures indicated are correct.
Sphere models 450, 850 and 1050 Sphere Sphere are made with Polarguard D.
Sphere models 450, 850 and 1050 Sphere Sphere have the regular size and the size large (L), so that people of different statures can use them the most out of your performance.
The thermal paste has closure by Velcro, which causes your operation is excellent.

Orbit-line sleeping bags Deuter
The Orbit Line of sleeping bags from Deuter was completely redesigned in 2010, now using lighter materials and more resistant. The 3 models that make up the line have comfort temperature ranging between +5 and -5° C and extreme temperature going up to -23° c. The models also have 3 versions: SL, designed especially for women and people of short stature, L for higher and Regular users, for people of up to 1.85 m bags zippers are YKK, can be opened inside and out and are pluggable (right side and left). In addition, the sleeping bags have a small inner pocket to keep items of value, paste of heating (in Orbit and Orbit 0 -5), SL models BodyWarmer (inner microfleece to ensure better heating) and compression bag to reduce the volume at the time of Save.

Orbit sleeping bag 0-Deuter
The sleeping bag Orbit 0º of Deuter was developed for 2 seasons, i.e. can be used both in the summer and temperatures a bit lower, as in the spring of Northern hemisphere countries. Its temperature range varies from +5° C (comfort temperature) to -14° C (extreme temperature). The sleeping bag Orbit has 3 sizes: 0 Regular (for people up to 1.85 m), L (2.00 m) and SL (female model, for women up to 1.70 m). Has warming necklace, BodyWarmer SL models (inner microfleece to ensure better heating), inside pocket, zipper dockable and compression bag volume reduction in time to save.

Technical specifications
Usage: 2 Seasons
Filling: Synthetic Fiber Deuter Thermo ProLoft
Type of construction: Tier 1

Comfort temperature: +5° C
Limit Temperature: 0° C
Extreme temperature: -14° C

Weight: 1280g
Filling weight: 640g
Dimensions (open): 205 x 75 x 48 cm
Dimensions (closed): 36 x 15 x 15 cm
Maximum height: 1, 85 m