Out There: Omega Edition Will Land on Android in Early 2015

Out There is likely one of the titles more eye-catching and damn within resource management games. A game that is available for some time on iOS and Android and that by 2015 will receive a major update called Out There: Omega Edition.

In it we must discover and visit planets, collect materials and manage as best as possible the resources of our ship. In addition to that we will have to look with other ships enemy that us not going it to put easy. In general is a hard nut to crack, which is appreciated when we seek something more than join three pieces of the same color.

Out There News: Omega Edition

Out There Omega comes loaded with new features. The most obvious is the improves graphics. Both ships and planets look much better than before. The variety of scenarios has also increased in an attempt to avoid that feeling of repetition that follows the original to see the same background on different planets.

On the other hand include new alien races, new ships and a new ending, 50 new stories, expanded soundtrack and more. All of this for free for those who already have the original game, which has a price of 3.59 euros.

There is still no release date confirmed for Out There Omega, but we do know it’s coming during the first quarter of 2015 both Android and iOS, Windows and Mac, with a beta on PC scheduled for January.

Out There Version: according to device

  • Version of Android: Depending on device
  • Developer: MI-Clos Studio
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 3.59 EUR
  • Category: Strategy