Pants Leggings: Tips for Using and Destroy in Visual

The legging pants, without a doubt, is a wildcard for any woman wardrobe. Indispensable also for the Academy, this garment allows form looks versatile and, above all, is quite comfortable.

The point is that every woman must pass through the same problem: the pants leggings can end up generating a lot of doubts in time to be used, is because of the transparency, or even be an outfit that doesn’t fit well with certain types of clothing or occasions and so it should be and scolhida with great care.

If you have questions on the purchase to your legging pants and I’d like some basic tips to not err in that choice, then you are at the right place.

In this post you will learn, once and for all, how to create amazing looks with pants leggings, without shame and without compromising your visual.

 What to wear with legging pants?

For being a play as versatile as any other, it’s interesting that you use the legging pants to mount the most varied looks possible, from the most casual to the most cool.

T-shirts, tank tops or races, in short, everything goes very well with a legging. But your choice will really depend on your style and quality and your model legging pants.

Diversify the models of leggings of your wardrobe and work in visual by clicking here. Enjoy and if you breathe in!

In summer, you can bet on a top for a casual look. Now if you don’t like to sweat a top, the tip is to try and choose some blouses options longer. If the pants have waist high and you have a not-so-big butt, maybe his pants leggings with short blouse is not interesting.

 Fairer or baggy blouses?

This will depend on your style. As the legging pants is fair, it may be more interesting to use shirt or blouse a little more fluffy, but it’s also important to respect your style.

For those who like to show the curves, maybe a fairer blouse fall well, after all if you’re okay with your body and yourself and you want to show your curves, this type of clothing is a great option to do this.

But be careful not to sound cheap, because that way you’ll be drawing attention for the wrong reasons. Think about it, right?

 Tips for those who are overweight

For women who are overweight, the pants leggings can be a wonderful garment. Besides being super comfortable, she is much more flexible and easy to use. For who is chubby, legging pants is a great ally.

  • Transparency

This is the great challenge: choose pants leggings that are not transparent. We know that it is not always possible and, if so, the way is to choose to use shirt or blouse longer.

If the legging pants is dark color, then choose dark panties, if clear, choose colors that destoem, not to be embarrassed.

  • Prints and colors for pants leggings

The black legging pants is the number 1 wildcard and almost mandatory in any women’s wardrobe. But there are several leggings, especially for those who go to the gym.

For those who want to wear Leggings for the Academy there are wonderful prints, which must be used with flat tops. But if you want to use printed legging even if it’s not for the gym, don’t worry, the look can be beautiful too.

Just make a good combination that all will be well. Many stores offer all legging type pants, metalized, embossed and smooth of different colors. Another good tip is to avoid pants leggings too thick during the workout, as well as hot, they can be uncomfortable.

And so, like the tips on how to choose the best pants leggings to go work out? Leave your comment and share with us your views on the matter.