Pebble-Agency Gets Android Wear-Super Powers

The trendy Pebble-watch now becomes smarter with a new firmware update, so it supports Android Wear-notifications.

The crowdfundede clock from Pebble will be today even smarter with your Android device. A new update of the firmware makes it possible to receive and respond to notifications on the clock in the same way as smartwatches with Android Wear.

The new feature is so important that Pebble even proudly proclaims on their blog that their watch now get super powers.
With Pebble has been severely limited for you options when you receive notifications from an Android phone or tablet. But that is over now, after Pebble obtains support for notifications-in the same way as Android Wear watches.

This means that you can respond to your notifications in exactly the same way, as you know it from smarture as Moto 360 or LG G Watch.

If you want to try the new notifications, you must update the clock to latest firmware. On your Android phone or tablet, you must also download the latest Pebble-app from Google Play.

At iOS, it has been possible to respond to the notifications since an update in september last year. Now, the possibilities with a Pebble-clock with this one’s on the two major platforms for smartphones and tablets.