Pepephone Returns to Give Battle with The Free Ascent of The Megas Included in Their Rates

Pepephone It had always been protagonist as its fares, we had used to respond to the movements well operators with own network as others virtual and its particular way to interact with their customers, which has led to have a high reputation in the online world.

But lately only we have spoken of the virtual moles environment to your ad a change in coverage, Vodafone yoigo, for which we still have no specific deadlines or a road clear, accusations of by means. But today Pepephone returns to its essence with an improvement of its rates, with more capacity for bonds of data without raising prices.

Once more Pepephone has informed its customers increasing the capacity of data of their rates bonds, untouched by it fees to pay for these. Now the bonus of lower capacity will be 1.2 GB While greater capacity rises to 1.9 GB. Then all the changes:

  • 900 MB bonus goes up to 1.2 GB / 8.40 USD per month.
  • 1.3 bonus GB goes up to 1.6 GB / 10.90 euros per month.
  • Bonus of 1.6 GB climbing 1.9 GB / 1440 euros per month.

Rises of between 100 and 300 megs that apply from March 1 for new and old customers and that they do not affect other aspects of the rate. It still retains the zero cents per minute until the 20 minute of each call (then 0.72 cents/min), the settlement at 18.15 cents or excess data to 3.63 cents.

Necessary but improved response to rivals

Pepephone movement was absolutely necessary, and is that with many scattered forces in its ADSL and the mess that has gotten with the change in network operator fares had been neglected while their rivals fought a war. The improvement cannot be more than well received but still also located at Pepephone rates as the best in the market.

On the one hand we find options with 1 GB of data at best prices, as it is the case of MASMOV! L or mobile Tuenti 6.05 and 7.25 euros a month respectively, while if you want to compare the offer of 1.2 Pepephone GB can do it with the option of mobile Happy, offering the same 1.2 GB for seven euros a month. Therefore it seems that we will have to wait for the virtual to change coverage for that back to regain the lead in rates.