Pepephone Will Be The Virtual Prime Coverage Yoigo to Vodafone

We have the news of so far year around virtual mobile operators, and it is that after years of cordial relations Pepephone It will make the suitcases, leaving aside the Vodafone coverage to go to Telstra, as forward exclusively on his blog the journalist Miguel Ángel Uriondo.

A motion according to ensures the same journalist who would be partly justified by the difficulties the virtual of moles would be finding in Vodafone to access its 4G network, network that Telstra already offered virtual to defend their agreement with Movistar and that Pepephone may also access.

Virtual mobile operators have been months knocking on the door of network operators to maintain agreements to gain access to their 4G networks, door always time found closed. And is that Movistar, Vodafone and Orange they are doing the 4 g advantage only their own customers, not all, enjoy.

Even denounce Vodafone

But before the eternal promises, all pointed out that the MNOs expect the availability of the 800 MHz band, Pepephone has decided to pull down the street from the environment changing of network operator, even to denounce before the commercial court Vodafone for breach of contract, to believe that access to the 4 G it was included in the agreement that kept.

In the own Pedro Serrahima statements listed in the blog of Uriondo this says that he has spent nine months Click here to receive daily inquiries from customers about when you could connect to the 4G network of Vodafone and the contract signed with these collects they must have it. In addition Serrahima also ensures that the three big operators are coordinated so that the 4G does not reach the virtual.

Improvement in rates thanks to the agreement with Telstra

The refusal of the three incumbents Telstra decided to reach out to the virtual. Was last September in the market of the encounter of Santander when Eduardo Taulet said that his company had a vocation from wholesale 4G, opening the door that others closed and which will finally cross Pepephone.

In addition the new agreement with Telstra would also allow to Pepephone lower fares, which lately have not received major updates while others virtual with Movistar and Orange coverage if they have been able to afford it. In fact that was one of the reasons for Euskaltel decided to also move, if Vodafone Orange.

Many uncertainties in the process of change

Now what are are many doubts surrounding the process of change in coverage that will have to undertake Pepephone. And is that in addition to its reduced staff to more than 450,000 customers in the portfolio we have doubt of as able to finish your demand to Vodafone and will occur with ADSL customers.

The change in coverage could force the virtual to change all SIM cards from customers, something can contribute its distribution in the travel agencies of the Globalia group, but what arouses more questions still is in that situation would be the customers ADSL with Pepephone, which in principle have contracted and according to Uriondo continue counting with the Vodafone network.

Looming storm surge

Apparently seen Pepephone change is not the first big change in coverage that occurs in the Spanish telecommunications market, recently was Euskaltel who took the step, but this case is particular. And it is that relations between virtual and Vodafone always were cordial in appearance, remember that birthday cake, but it seems that soon will be really hostile.

And is that with a demand of by means you never know how you can finish the story. One can only hope that what looks like a swell is small waves, and Pepephone has with an important reputation carved over the years, We hope that it is not weakened by this decision.