Piece-Wish: Strappy Bra Or Bra Straps

The BRA with straps, called strappy bra became a super fever! After all it’s been a while since I let the BRA on display in some looks turned trend, then nothing more natural than the undergarment win new super interesting details.

Be with cops on the front, drawing the lap, or braided strips on the back just to show up, the strappy bra aroused the desire of the female audience. He appears in various magazines, in productions of bloggers, parades (as was the case with one of the farewell runway looks of Gisele Bundchen for Colcci, in April 2015) and mostly in soap operas such as the Alice character of Sophie Charlotte in the novel Babylon, which recently went off the air, and now in the novel Secret Truths with the character Giovanna , experienced by Agatha Moreira.

The piece has a sensual and powerful style, in addition to being super bold! But it is so versatile and charming that can be used both with more sweaters “podrinhas” that show the BRA, looks for evening, dresses and body-sensitive parts. The only restrictions are for who owns the breasts very fed up because the cops tend to evidence them much more, in addition to avoid tight strips, as they tend to show love handles, and could even hurt your skin. Therefore, it is important to choose a strappy bra in the correct size for your body.

The BRA, as well as accessories, also turned a complement of visual: you can play with colors, textures like lace, laces and more! Separated some parts for you to be inspired and join the trend with any style, check out!

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