Road Wheel for Mountain Bike

You want to equip your bike with wheels optimized for the mountain. The goal for the cyclist that you are going to be choosing lighter wheels, stiff and nervous carbon or aluminum. Here are some tips to guide you in your purchase.

As we have already mentioned, the pair of wheels of your bike affects at least 50 to 60% of the overall cycling behavior. Thus the wheels model chosen must be done with precision. And for lovers of the mountain, this has to be more careful because the slightest gram and more expensive to pay on long rides in the mountains.

4 Essential criteria for a mountain bike wheel?

  • The low weight
  • Rigidity
  • Nervousness
  • The quality of braking

The low weight of the wheel to the mountain

When climbing, you have to drag all the weight of all above the neck! And therefore need a wheel light to approach the mountain bike. It is assumed that a wheel is an assembly of components 3, 4 on the disk wheels:

  • Wheels
  • rays
  • hubs
  • Drives (disk drive)

And to opt for the best editing, we must seek to gain weight on all of these. We are talking about lightweight wheels when they fall below 1250 grams per pair. Of course the arrival of the disk changes this standard of 100 grams. On excellence, are the pairs of wheels that fall under the 1000 gram bar.

At the rim, it can be aluminum or carbon, but with a rim of said profile “low”. The less material, the more weight is low, on the whole, but also on the edge of rim. We are talking about 15 to rim profile of 30mm. Some carbon 35mm wheels behave very well in weight and feel, with some versatility grounds.

At the level of radiation, the combination should be between rigidity and lightness. Carbon rays are the ultimate, but involve constraints on maintenance, change and / or repair. Likewise prices envollent! The low number of radius is also involved on the overall weight of the wheel.

Side hubs, you can opt for carbon hubs or 100% carbon / titanium. Weight gain is effective, but prices are soaring!

If you opt for disk wheels, it will choose the hubs and the mounted disks. Here we will focus more the quality of the disc weight gain to play the maximum card security.

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This is the wheel of capacity here not to twist the lateral plane. These are the spokes and hubs which provide this function mainly. The spacing of the hub flanges (especially the rear), the hub connection / radius and type of shelving (crossing) highly influential.

Thus the hub is more quality, less the twist is possible. A low profile rim is more likely to undergo a lateral deformation. This is therefore a compromise. Is a very low profile with a little distortion, a profile a little higher, more rigid on this. The weight and the cyclist template comes into account.


The weight of the rim periphery is therefore the behavior of the wheel as it feels much more in rotation.Therefore, unless it is important at this level makes it more nerve stimulus wheel and shift to low speed rhythms.

The quality of braking

A good climber is usually a good descender! Account should be taken of the stability of the wheels and the braking action during descent. Thus the braking surface is important in terms of its quality because the collar descent speeds reached are consistent. It will therefore here be oriented on treated surfaces to withstand high temperatures. Your choice of brake pads is critical!

The carbon material wheels are lightweight but converse of aluminum rim , they require a method to brake. The carbon braking surface must be heated by the brake pads to provide a good efficiency. This requires a braking anticipation, moreover wet or cool weather.

For disk wheels owners, it will here make a choice of 160mm discs, heavier or lighter 140mm but with a braking power capacity that differs. The rider weight is taken into account!

Tires or hose

The choice is now less clear side performance. For purists followers of any program, the hose prevails because casings rim is lighter than a tire rim. The gain is between 200 and 300 grams per pair , which is not negligible for the purists. Behavior side, tire manufacturers have made great technological advances on performance and the overall weight (tire + room).

What tire section to climb the passes?

While many manufacturers have shown that the tires wide section bring more comfort without penalizing performance, or even better, the fact remains that the weight is more substantial! Therefore, manufacturers have also tend to adjust the widths of the sections of rim contours. For the mountain, up to 23 or 25mm seems more appropriate.

Attention, however, this approach has changes when disk wheels or it is advisable to have at least a 25mm section to ensure and guarantee handling during heavy braking.

The diehards will find on EBICYCLELIGHTS of quick releases bike lights, even very light. They can be designed titanium to save any program. Purists will also turn to a specific craft assembly to optimize the process of working specific to the mountain. One can find aluminum or carbon beads under 1000 grams.

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Note that some manufacturers are developing carbon wheels 30mm profiles that provide excellent versatility for cyclosportives. This is a good compromise. But the price of a good wheel of this type of profile, are very high.

The price of a pair of wheels for mountain

From 500 euros: We find pairs bike wheels Used light. In this segment, caution because that means less material says more fragile and wheels that age faster. The rider weight between that owned the account and its practice.

From 900 Euros: There are high-end aluminum wheel rim with good cost / performance / weight.

From 1400 euros: There is light carbon wheels

From 2000 euros: you will type in a range of carbon wheels with advanced technologies, knowing that for most players, the high-end ranges between 3,000 and 5,000 euros on carbon wheels almost perfect!

It goes without saying that once you play the card of the weight, it will be put to equip your wheels with consistent components. Thus the choice of tires, hoses or tapes must be done wisely always on weight. It is a price point that still will raise the note. A good hose is beyond the 80 euros, we do not even speak titanium tapes that are soaring!