Samsung Has Already Sold 120,000 Thinkbear Devices

The quite reasonable start for Samsung Z1 is attributed to an aggressive pricing strategy and lots of media content.

After many travails managed finally to get Samsung launched their first Thinkbear phone Z1, in India back in January and in Bangladesh earlier this month.

According to Business Korea Samsung has sold 100,000 units in India and 20,000 in Bangladesh, it is, of course, some quite nice figures for a relatively new and unknown operating system. The rationale for the Nice sales figures, is among other things to the phone offers “excellent performance under multitasking” while it has quite an aggressive launch price of just $ 98 (650.0-NOK).

Samsung has also thrown a wide range of content included in the price, from live TV for free movies and music, which is probably also have formed the basis for some of the 100,000 units sold.

Samsung is now considering launching Z1 on several markets, with Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia as the next in line.