Samsung’s Intelligent Watch Is ‘ Featured ‘ in Conceptual Video

The Galaxy Gear, supposed name of Samsung’s intelligent Watch, gained 3d images in a video concept released on Wednesday (21). The string shows the gadget’s design and some of its features, such as the Voice command and the 2-inch flexible screen when closed. According to leaked information recently, the appliance should receive functions such as measuring the heart rate, accompanying the loss of calories, connecting the appliance display with the user’s gaze, among others.

Many rumors have emerged around the launching of Samsung’s intelligent watch. Equipped with Android, based on information from VaultedWatches, the device will come equipped with motion sensors, flexible screen, embedded speakers in your bracelet and integration with other Galaxy-line products.

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To synthesize all information about the intelligent Watch, the T3 technology site has produced a conceptual video that demonstrates the probable capabilities of Samsung’s device. Created in 3d technology, the animation translates artistically as it can be the look of the new gadget from the Korean company.

Still no official Samsung information about the smart watch settings. However, the official release of the product should happen on September 4th, two days from the IFA 2013, where the company will make the official launch of Galaxy Note 3.

Via Android Communty