Sandals Jumping with Stones the New Trend

Today the universe of women can check beautiful models of jumping sandals with stones, a trend that is conquering women of all ages.  But they’ve been around awhile, and they will not leave soon enough, as women have actually adopted these models as a complement to luxury and sophistication.

And, they arrive in the most varied models, gaining strips, ties, metals, and jumps that go from the thin heels to the thickest, Anabela, higher or lower, anyway, anyway. and to keep the face of the heat, these pieces still get stones in their most varied shapes and colors, big or small, anyway, anyway.

But today you do not have to buy your models of heel sandals with ready-made gemstones, as you can customize your models. Then you will need glue for gemstones, stones in the colors and shapes you want, pliers and tweezers. All this you can find in stores for crafts and others.

Begin by deciding where you will want the effect of the stones, and can be exactly on the heel or other points of your footwear. As you know, rhinestones can have various sizes and shapes, as I have already said. Does not matter. Then with the pliers, separate the pebbles from the metal if you have one.

Now take each pebble with the help of the tweezers and pass the special glue. Stick to the desired spot of jumping sandals with gemstones the way you want. And you can bet on stones of the same shape, size and color, or you can bet on stones in different sizes, shapes and colors.

The effect is amazing and really looks beautiful. So if you have a nice pair of sandals that you no longer want to wear, give it an innovative twist by wagering on details of jumping sandals with gemstones, and you will see the difference.