Sleeping Bag Deuter Astro Pro 400 Spring

Sleeping bag Deuter Astro Pro 400 spring
The inner lining embraces you gently, while you sleep, thanks to the seams of the elastic cameras; for effective prevention of the formation of cold spots.

Inside the bag, the boom can expand up to 25% in width, to create more space within the ASTRO PRO models. The cross section allows the feeder to achieve its full filling potential. The longitudinal chambers, located from the knees down, prevent sliding of the boom to one side, to ensure better thermal insulation. In addition, the sensitive area around the feet, is kept warm by its shape, in three dimensions, with a particularly comfortable filling.
• “bluesign® product” with RDS-certified, high-quality pen
• high heat-to-weight ratio and reduced dimensions when compressed
• quick warm-up and comfortable sleep thanks to the cozy interior lining, which can expand up to 25% wide
• always well insulated thanks to the innovative PowerBox design: a unique combination of longitudinal chambers and cross elastic seams, on the surface of the bag, from the knee down. They keep the pen in position within its “waffle” structure regardless of the movement of the legs.
• The head is always warm wrapped in the functional ThermoHood hood, with five (Astro Pro 400 and 600) or seven (Astro Pro 800 and 1000) cameras to keep the boom in position; has different colored laces for easy handling
• Feet remain warm and comfortable inside the ErgoFoot Pro, where the extra feather padding is firmly held within three chambers and protected from crushing by an ergonomic design
warm collar with adhesive tape fastener and elastic cord
• anti-locking zipper strap along the bag
• interior pocket for valuables
• Dryzone fabric, which repels water in the area of ​​the head and feet; protects against moisture
• compression bag, delivered in an additional storage bag
Filling: 650+ cuin / 90/10 RDS
Lining: 30D Nylon Soft Lite
Outer shell: 30D Pro Lite RS
Design: of trapezoidal chambers avoids the formation of cold spots; Thermo Stretch Inside System
Weight: 1040 g
Dimensions: 205 * 84 * 56 cm
Pack size: 16 * 36 cm
Body size: ~ 185 cm


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  • Product Name: Sleeping bag Deuter Astro Pro 400 spring
  • Product Reference: DEU371201720061
  • By Deuter
  • Price: 269.95€
  • Product Width: 0.00 cm
  • Product Height: 0.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 0.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.00 kg
  • Description: Deuter bags offer great quality, comfort and resistance in all models.