Sonic Runners Has a Teaser Trailer… That It Does Not Show The Game

Sonic Team returns to the fray with a new title featuring the blue hedgehog, in this case a runner for iOS and Android called Sonic Runners. To be in error with the mental of yore.

At the end of last week we saw in Kotaku that SEGA plans to lay off 300 employees to restructure its business. Starting from now going to put aside the consoles, where the latest Sonic titles have been a fiasco, to focus so much on online games for PC and mobile games. And here’s Sonic Runners, clear.

Back to two dimensions and call to nostalgia

The main complaint of most players disenchanted with the line that has followed the company in the latest games starring by Sonic It has been the attempt by experience that he has moved away to the saga of what was in its beginnings. Perhaps some titles in 3D have worked better than others, but the Sonic fan not only demand good games, but a return to the formulas that worked at the time.

This first teaser of Sonic Runners It shows nothing of the game, he collects fragments of some previous titles with the idea of transmitting a return to origins. That Yes, good runner will not have too much control over the character. In this case Sonic will be running like crazy and we, by touching the screen, will try to jump.

Still no date specific, Sonic Runners It will be released first in Japan, probably before spring, and then we’ll see. Oh, and it will be free with integrated shopping.