Sony Launches Smart Eyewear: SmartEyeglass

Sony follows up where Google left off: SmartEyeglass gives a new perspective on the world around you.

It is not a pretty picture, but you need to spice up your setting up, Sony’s new glasses can do it for you. Smart glasses, with the questionable design, called SmartEyeglass SED-E1.

With Sony’s futuristic vision. With smart glasses over your nose, you can naviguere among unknown plaza’er in Florence, perpetuate the surroundings and share them with friends and family without the use of your phone.

The screen is instead baked into the very brilleglasset. Here is an 85% transparent display that lets the light around you pass, but at the same time gives you a green terminatorsyn with information about messaging, navigation and interface to control the camera on 3 MP.

As in most wearables include SmartEyeglass a heap of sensors from compass, gyroscope, light meter and the accelerometer. Smart frames are complemented by a small box with buttons and microphone, and when the battery gives birth to the life-giving power to Sony’s gadget. The small controls requires, however, a clunky cable connection between spectacle and box as carriers of the SmartEyeglass have to get used to.

The actual frames weigh 77 grams, while the controller shows 44 grams on the kitchen scale. Screen projects a field of vision on 19 x 6 degrees with 419×138 resolution. The individual is green and finish with 15 fps.

With the launch Publisher Sony a bundled Android app. This complemented by an open udviklingskit so programmers can test and release apps for smart glasses. The frames requires Android 4.4 KitKat or newer.

Follows up where Google left off

In the wake of the Google kulslåede Google Glass project, Sony’s launch of the smart glasses just seems bizarre. But it continues to give ‘ first movers ‘ and other curious ability to taste on the so-called ‘ Augmented Reality ‘-until the technology becomes compact and discreet enough to convince others the most fanatical tech-enthusiasts.

At the same time it gives Sony the opportunity both to test and showcase technologies as transparent displays and voice control of wearables.

Although Sony shows SED-11 used for everyday purposes, where there is more opportunity for industrial or commercial purposes. For professionals who need a hands-free control of camera, microphone or proprietary apps, smart glasses could prove to be just the right solution.

Although the smart glasses are not nearly as nifty as Gucci designer glasses, the price in the expensive end. SED-11 will cost 100,000 Yen, or around 5,000.0-crowns before customs and taxes. However, you can wait to fish the dankort up, for the launch so far reserved for the Japanese, American and German market.

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You can see Sony’s own presentation of SmartEyeglass including or further about it on Sony’s website.