Soon as Possible to Pay with the Passbook at the Apple Store

Apple makes it possible, within a short time to pay via Passbook application in their own Apple Store-stores.

It is by being a month or so ago, that Apple launched their new virtual wallet Passbook and now Apple is preparing to use the function, as payment in their own physical stores.

Later this month, Apple will update their mobile point-of-sale (EasyPay) system, so the store employees with EasyPay payment card can scan codes from Passbook on customers’ iPhones and iPad Touch. It writes our site.

Apple must also update their Apple Store application, so it supports Passbook function.

Already now offers Apple customers to buy several things such as accessories through their iTunes account through Apple Store iOS-EasyPay application feature.

The threshold value for your purchase makes, to buy the larger and more expensive units it must be done by an employee in the Apple Store – with their current iOS 6 unit.