“Starting June We Hope to Start The Migration, and Surely Will Require Changing The SIM” Entrevista a Pedro Serrahima

After the bombshell that we went yesterday after learning that Pepephone abandons coverage Vodafone to offer 4 G through Telstra, have put us in contact with Pedro Serrahima, executive director of the OMV, so we clear some of the questions of How can change affect users of Pepephone.

Engadget Mobile. You have always put the quality of the service as a key pillar to the extent that you dudasteis go to Vizzavi (Platform for Vodafone OMVs) to avoid possible disadvantages that could somehow affect the client. This also it shall be controlled with the change of OMR and? Pepephone will be treated with the same priority that a client of the own Yoigo?

Pedro Serrahima. Exactly with the same quality and coverage, and without restrictions of any kind on trade policy.

Engadget Mobile. If the lack of 4G has become trigger to do the coverage don’t you think that in the medium term can be a disadvantage only having coverage in the 1,800 MHz band? or do well You’ll have access to all the 4 G from Movistar from day one to take advantage in the 800 Mhz band when it becomes available?

Pedro Serrahima. In 4G, we will have the same coverage as the customers of Telstra, which is currently the most complete and understand that in the future it will be. Whatever.

Engadget Mobile. If indirectly you will have access to 4 G from Movistar and this precipitated other MVNO’s to begin to access the 4 G?What advantages will have Pepephone switch to Telstra? Is it not too risky (apart from expensive) change of coverage to customers who you chose before the cheaper rates for other MVNOs operating under coverage, Movistar and Orange?

Pedro Serrahima. Our step, obviously will force all network operators to offer 4G customers, since the gap is now open and it makes no sense keep stopping. We have a type of client very advanced and very sensitive to the evolution of technology. Probably much more than other operators. This causes that touch us be that suffer the blow to the push in the door until you open and pass all. We assume it, but we cannot stand still, knowing that no one is going to open. Regarding prices, we will improve the supply of our customers, and will include the service 4 g. might be the case that a customer has Service 3 G + 4 G best price than other only 3 G.

Engadget Mobile. According to your principles that leave in the background to the rates to focus above all on the quality, it has changed something to want to go to the height of the cheapest or the jump to 4 G has been enough to make you tomarais the decision?

Pedro Serrahima. The theme of the 4G is enough. We cannot be a second operator. At least if we can do something to change it, no matter what. In any case, the price will improve. Of course

Engadget Mobile. ¿There are approximate to change dates? How will it affect customers? is it necessary to change SIM?

Pedro Serrahima. At the moment, nothing will change at Pepephone and we will continue with the service that we have so far. From June we hope to be able to start the migration, and surely it will require changing the SIM. Obviously, we will assume all the (huge) cost of the change process without hassle-just for the user, to which we will compensate with a new offer. The painful part will be that there will be customers who freely choose not to change for the reason that is, but there will also be new customers who previously could not come because they hoped to have the service of Pepephone and the 4 G and let us therefore did not come by that.

Engadget Mobile. Apart from contact with Telstra to use its 4 G?You propusisteis you speak with another OMR?

Pedro Serrahima. Anyone willing to offer 4G in concrete form, and whose quality of network should be satisfactory, would have been a good choice. So far, I have only seen one that met these characteristics. Starting today, we will see more, sure 🙂

Finally, thank from Engadget Mobile Pedro Serrahima and Pepephone its availability to answer our questions.