Stephen Elop: “Nokia Not Moves from Finland”

In addition to arrivals from a major Danish Bank rumors of sale to Microsoft, has been also spoken long and lying above the relocation of the headquarters of Nokia, of Finland to the United States.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, and the first Finn to the post, wanted to put an end to rumors of the change of venue:

While I am the CEO of Nokia, the headquarters will remain in Espoo, Finland.

The statements have been made in yesterday, on the Finnish radio station YLE, arguing that Finland is home to the company, and is where all feel that Nokia belongs.

Another question is if other locations gain power front headquarters in Espoo, or what will happen when Stephen Elop is CEO of the company, some are already running that 2012 will be his final year in charge.

We remind you that in September it was reported that they did not need to 3,500 of its workers, and that the factory in Romania would be closed, with ZTE as main interested in purchasing.