Student Talks about Backpack Alhva Notebook

Hello Guys!

We will share with you an email we received from Marco Aurélio de São Paulo and that left our DT (Technical Department) full of pride.

“I would like to praise the products to you. Work and study, so take me daily papers, books and a laptop computer. In recent months was taking medication for back pain due to the weight that I carry every day my sister who already knew the Alhva presented me with a bag of you saying that it was very good and would help me. I don’t put faith, after all I always thought backpack is all the same, but the product of you surprised me! The model that won has that inner pouch to put the notebook and the adjustment to take the weight of the lumbar spine, too! Made much of a difference. Use it every day and where I go she’s coming with me! Congratulations for the service and the quality of the products. So far I’m happy and I’m sure you got another customer. ”

Marcus Aurelius Liberatori-São Paulo/SP-30/01/2012

Marco Aurélio won a Prism Backpack Pro M + a Barrigueira Universal Alhva. See below:

The statements in this section were collected by e. mails received from our customers or in phone. The Alhva thanks all customers who have contributed to the improvement of our products and services with the submission of comments and suggestions.