Style Esemplare Homeless So Don’t Let Cold This Winter

Fashion is so undecided. The same day is the most studied preppy that the next day you look in the street and in the “Homeless” (no roof) and created a trend that makes everybody crazy.

And precisely this tendency, “homeless style”, baby campaign and the Italian brand Esemplare with their model and their looks-based one and another layer, we sell this winter can pass everything less cold, attentive to your campaign.

The “everything with everything” It is very dangerous when we talk about fashion. The mixture of tissues is one thing that can visually look good but sometimes may not favour us at all. The point It is key piece within the proposal and they work in a very interesting way.

Overall it seems to me a very organic collection in that sense. Voucher that can be that you do not recognize under the cowl, hat and scarf, but hey, for a photo is not bad and each loose garment’s cool isn’t it?

Sometimes they load too garments. For example, this reversible jacket It is nice until you look at the waist and discover that elastic are going to ski? Is it time again to 90? I do not understand, with the beautiful thing that worked is the point…

And another thing why not step, is more, I don’t know is there who thought is the create these so baggy pants and then combine them with a pair of shoes so arranged. The look in general seems pretty bad. You pondríais something?

We changed course and we drive to a somewhat Bohemian elegance. The brand seeks to renew the sportwear and make it elegant, hence the tissues and this jersey seems to me very good. Jersey + shirt + tie It is always a positive.

Good patterns that times are lost among both excesses, but we apologize to the Baroque style that sometimes occurs in Italy with the clothing. A collection and a brand that did not know but that I was surprised. We will continue with its.