Suop Indemnify All Customers with Five Euros of Balance by a Drop in Service

Lately they don’t win for drops of network. First was Jazztel which left its users without service or voice or data, a few hours compensating them therefore with five euros per line entered directly in their bank accounts, well above required compensation by law and very expensive for the operator.

Subsequently was ONO which also suffered a drop in its network nationwide, although if even we do not know how it will compensate its customers, and it has now been Suop which suffered similar problems during the day yesterday, announcing quickly which will be compensation to their customers will receive.

Users of the virtual collaborative saw during yesterday not could not make calls or connect to the Internet by a problem with the network provider, which Suop already has required compensation. But do not expect to receive this compensation from the virtual have already announced compensation that will receive your customers.

Something is changing

All users suffer or not the problems of yesterday and no need to request it in the next 48 hours, they will receive five euros of balance in the form of compensation. New compensation above the requirements, which would be spending means that each client has in the hours that were left without service.

View of Jazztel and Suop policy with their network problems It seems that something is changing in the mobile market in Spain, where previously when a user was left without service received compensation in addition to her claim, what saved the operators money to not bother many customers to call a number who knew that it would be minimum minimum.