Tamaris Shoes: Trendy Footwear For Every Occasion

Tamaris is undoubtedly one of the most famous shoe labels in Europe.In fact, in Germany, every second woman has at least a pair of Tamaris shoes and I also count some of the stylish it pieces to my personal treasures.

But what is the secret of chic sandals , ankle boots and sneakers and what are the big footwear trends that the brand currently presents to you? In the following article, you will find everything you need to know about the popular traditional company!

Tamaris Shoes: A world-class success made in Germany

Who does not know her?The cleanly designed campaign pictures of Tamaris on which besides the company logo nothing but a pair of shoes is to be seen, enjoy absolute cult status.Tamaris itself is considered the largest shoemaker’s market in Europe.And, with a brand name of more than 70 percent, the company is one of the best known labels in the industry.Everything started very small:

Horst Wortmann is just 26 years old when he founded Tamaris in 1967 in the North Rhine-Westphalian Detmold.

Its goal: to create stylish, high-quality shoes at moderate prices.

The young entrepreneur begins the company’s history with just seven sandals from which he can produce 100,000 pairs – without even a single order in his pocket.

A daring step to pay off.

Today, his company’s shoes are marketed in more than 33 countries in more than 33 countries, and the company has expanded its market to include the United States.Tamaris conquers the world.But what is the secret of the coveted footwear?

Well: The renowned success-brand makes it easy to interpret current trends in a stylish and high-quality way and to create unique must-haves, which are not guaranteed to break the purse.

Because: Tamaris is known for offering stylish look and high quality at affordable prices.These pumps , sneakers and ankle boots definitely do not cause a bad conscience.;As shown in Fig.

And: the trendy footwear is also noticed by practical innovations such as the Tamaris ANTIshokk Feel free technology.

This dampens every single step by 50 percent and thus protects your joints.

A further highlight is the soft TOUCH it Feel soft footbed, which adapts perfectly to the individual foot shape.

At Tamaris, refined ideas meet wonderfully stylish designs – it definitely does not surprise the fact that the exceptional label 2016 enjoys great success far beyond the borders of Germany!

Tamaris Shoes: The colorful assortment

The collections of the German shoe company are ideal for fashion-conscious city-dwellers.Whether colorful ballerinas, chic sandals, elegant boots or trendy pumps – Tamaris shoes convince by an enormously diverse assortment.Here every fashionista will find anything, whether you are looking for a model for everyday life or for glamor events.

The fire models are divided into a total of three segments.

So you can find timeless chic oldies like classic pumps under Tamaris Classic , while you can discover unusual It pieces in Tamaris Trends at the pulse of the time.

Tamaris Active also has shoes that combine sporty designs with high comfort.

One of the biggest trends this year is, of course, plateau, wood and fringe sandals, which come in the style of the Sweet Seventies.These casual, woolly-wool pieces fit wonderfully to Carmen blouses, jeans skirts and flowing Maxi-Dresses and are now missing in any shoe collection.

My personal trend highlight are the current sneakers of the brand, which are striking with a trendy pattern mix.Here, glittering metallic surfaces merge with wild animal prints – the result are stylish must-haves, which enhance every look in no time!

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