Te Apuntas from Corduroy This Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013? (II)

A basic essential; H & M corduroy Pant.

I warned, and who warns is not traitor. Corduroy has become this autumn/winter 2012 / 2013, and it has done so to stay. This tissue detaches from its stale air or Albacete to become one of the key materials of the season.

Knowing that many of you still will be reluctant in this regard, if the looks of runway that you showed in the first part you did not convince too, in this second installment, I propose a selection of clothing and accessories that, as you’ve imagined, all are made of corduroy.

Dockers, the big bet by the Chinese of corduroy

Dockers, the American House Queen par excellence of the Chinese pants, This year makes a big bet on corduroy with a special collection for which have to be reissued several models – signature classics –, all presented in this tissue. Vibrant colors like Blue mechanic, palette of earthy as curry or the tile, or shades of gray scale. Ultimately, models for all tastes and various cuts for all styles (CPV).

ASOs corduroy blazer

The Almighty English retailer of online sales, ASOs, It neither wanted to miss this trend. Its commitment, the cut slim three-button Blazer made of corduroy. In camel for classic and purple for the more daring, you decide (90€).

Supreme and the CAP hip-hopera

The signature New York street Supreme He also wanted to make his little nod to this fashion fabric. Your bet is, how it could be otherwise, one trucker hat (Cap hip-hopera)), with corduroy visor. The leather front with the logo of the House in the same tone that the visor, it makes a contrast of fabrics from the most interesting (CPV).

Micro-Topman corduroy shirt

The corduroy shirt – in this case micro weft (very small) – is another of garments has become to fashion this season. Combine them with jeans or pants in Chinese, and fits the look with a desert boots. I propose two; the first in tone tile detail of navajo print in your Pocket (€40), or the second in Flower print liberty and shades of blue and liliaceos. Both in Topman (40€).

H & M, corduroy slim

If the Chinese don’t like, still need a corduroy pants, in H & M proposes a five pockets straight cut and leg slim, than not skinny. You have them in four different colors, although if I had to choose my favorite I stay with the blue and green hunting (25€).

Topman ties also leave corduroy

In Topman also have dared with the corduroy tie. For the occasion they choose with the narrow blade and presented it in tones very season as the Camel or Bordeaux and, in addition, the print of Leopard for the most daring (13€).

The whim; corduroy shoe

We ended up with a quirk of the house specializing in footwear Mark McNairy, you just present this model in collaboration with the British firm Sanders & Sanders. An original corduroy shoe semi-glossy finish leather. In shades of brown or blue but, in any case, of very retro. (340€).

In the next installment, we focus on the proposals with great corduroy the streeters. And you would you put one of the options?

  • Approximate prices. / CPV: Check point of sale