Telegram Announces Reaching 50 Million Active Users

Almost a year ago talked long and hard of Telegram, a messaging client that at the time were surprised by being a very solid and recommended product as an alternative to WhatsApp. At the time we saw much attractive for its features and which should be free, something that lot when im giant began to get serious and not renew WhatsApp free time.

Now, after 16 months of existence, highlighting in precisely in this last year, the service has given numbers of its users. They confirm that it is going better than ever and now has a total 50 million active users that they use the application, although significantly exceeds the number of records and recorded nearly one million new users per week.

In addition, also give details of how much that use its services, and is that they confirm that every day they send 1,000 millions of messages, a number showing that the service continues to war. What catches the eye is that service continue their same principles in advance.

At the moment the service still does not cost anything and we don’t see advertising, they have been added new official and unofficial clients for mobile and web, new features and service remains relatively safe. It is almost impossible to become the new King of messaging, but certainly remains as an attractive alternative for many people.

Telegram 2.1.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Telegram LLC
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Communication and messaging

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s superfast, simple and free.