The Canteen Nalgene Oasis, Your Adventure And Excursion Roommate

Nalgene Oasis, The Toughest Water Bottle

Why should you the Nalgene water bottle Oasis to your excursions you carry you? Because there is nothing like the thrills of the excursions that have marked your life. Discover new landscapes, let yourself carried away by the sounds of nature… and fill up with energy with your water bottle.

Why the design of the Nalgene Oasis is so classic: it is easy to carry, durable and has all the benefits of your water bottle.

Where Can You You Take Your Oasis Canteen?

Wherever, whatever you do. Now that already some good time, weekends are the perfect time for a good break in company or a great adventure alone.Always, that Yes, well with your bottle of water to hydrate yourself at all times.

If you practice safe hiking that fits in your backpack, if sales of hiking with the family will be able to share it. Wherever you go, your canteen Oasis goes with you and with it your reserve of energy to enjoy your adventure.

The Benefits Of The Oasis Water Bottle

The Oasis canteen is the toughest water bottle. Everything you take hold and does not complain ever! In addition, like all Nalgene products, they do not produce odors or flavors strangers in your drink.

It is a very easy-to-grip water bottle and even hold.

Your plug has a strip that connects it to the rest of thebottle. On the one hand, you make sure not to lose the CAP and on the other you take it hung without any problem.

It is a bottle completely to proof of loss or leakage of water.

The Oasis canteen has 1 litre capacity, and when you see it and touch you don’t you believe it. With a size too tight, you can drink a liter of water and again filling when it ends.

You Choose A Green Bottle, Choose Nalgene

You know that all our bottles are healthy (do not contain BPA), tough (made from tritan are) and you can wash them in the dishwasher. The Oasis water bottle is the best bottle to depart from excursion, for children and adults, but we have a whole series of water bottles in Novowaterbottles so you find that best fits you.