The Casio’s New WSD-F20 Smart Outdoor Watch At A Glance

In the spring it is time and friends of the smart watches can finally hold the new Casio outdoor watch WSD-F20 in their hands. Anticipation is, as is well known, the most beautiful joy, and in order to heat it up a little, we have taken a closer look at the new all-rounder of Casio. In the foreground this time also stands the robustness and the associated orientation to various outdoor activities, which can be traced and analyzed by means of special apps. The new WSD-F20 will be on the market on 20 April and has some technical features in the luggage, which we would like to introduce at this point:

The WSD-F20 uses Android Wear 2.0 as the operating system. Synchronization takes place via Bluetooth and WLAN. Great advantage: this system brings the Play / App Store directly to the Smartwatch. Thus, applications can be loaded directly onto the clock, rather than previously on the smartphone. So in the future owners of a smartphone with iOS 9 operating system can finally expand their clock with apps and change the clock signal directly on the display.

The new model is equipped with an energy-saving GPS function and also has a color card function, which also works offline. This allows you to track a multitude of outdoor and water activities and keep an overview of the results. The advantage of this outdoor watch is that it can also be operated in areas without a mobile phone network. This makes it a few steps ahead of many other wearables.

Furthermore, the watch has a GPS system that always determines and transfers the exact position of the wearer by means of an extensive card database. The app can be tagged with numerous tags to tag attractions or to set an individual travel route.

An integrated activities app displays various measured values ​​in real time and has numerous special functions for hikers, cyclists, anglers, water or winter sportsmen.

Compared to the predecessor model, a lot has been done on the usability, so button protection, protective screen and side buttons have been adapted in size, which is also beneficial to robustness.

As with its predecessor, Casio has used a dual-layer display with the new Smartwatch. Here, a monochrome LCD was placed over the color LCD display to save energy. Practically, if you only wear it in your everyday life, because the battery will last up to one month in time mode. In normal use, the battery has a life of about one day.

Outwardly, the Smartwatch resembles the predecessor with a difference: it has US military standards. Thus, fixed impacts and extreme temperature conditions of the watch can not be affected. The water density of 5 bar has not changed so that showering and bathing in shallow water are no problem.

All in all, the Casio WSD-F20 is a truly reliable companion with which you do not always have to have your smartphone. Offline, download and use downloaded maps and apps, which is a big step in the smart direction.

You can see the new Casio Outdoor Watch here: VAULTEDWATCHES.COM.