The Danes Cheats with Their Selfies

It is not always that reality is exactly as we want it. So it is good, we can just edit it. The possibility of using several Danes out of.

Selfies is hot, but is your selfie not so hot that you could wish for, is there help to download. Filters and photo editing is needed to make your self portrait even more wonderful. It utilizes a part already by Danes. This is shown by a survey conducted by YouGov for Telia.

28% of the Danes over 18 have taken a selfie with your phone and shared it. But in the photo are thrown out in the world, has 27% of us had it through a kind of image processing, or put a filter on.

It is mainly women who are happy to manipulate reality, and editing is more common in the metropolitan area and particularly in North Jutland.

BONUS TOP 5: Why did you take a selfie?
1. in order to perpetuate a funny moment (43%)
2. in order to send a greeting to friends or family members (32%)
3. to take a picture with another person, e.g. a friend, girlfriend, celebrity (31%)
4. in order to send a greeting to my girlfriend/spouse (23%)
5. For remembering a happy event (20%)