The Danes Must Wait on Microsoft Surface

If you want to have Microsoft’s own Windows RT tablet, Surface, in the first round-then you should either abroad or buy it on the Web.

Microsoft sends their long-awaited tablet, Surface, on the market in the first countries on 26 March. October, where Denmark is not among. On the other hand, it is the major markets like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and China, true to get the Surface first.

However, this is not an expression of that Surface does not come on the Danish market – just an expression for we are not included in the first round of countries, learns from reliable sources.

This is not unfamiliar to Denmark, has also been most recently with the iPhone 5, Nexus 7 and generally also with Apple’s iPads through time.

But further details as to when we can expect to get Surface on the Danish market remains to be seen.

Can you not wait – it can be bought abroad

Microsoft Surface can be purchased from Microsoft’s own retail stores in the United States, as well as on the Internet in Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Germany, France and the United Kingdom from the 26. October, but you can already preorder your copy now.

Price wise is Surface competition strong and you can acquire yourself a Surface with 32 GB of memory for $499, which is the same price as Apple takes for a 16 GB iPad.

In addition to the Surface also supports microSD card and has a USB port so you can connect, for example, a printer.

The smart cover, Surface Touch Cover, which also serves as a keyboard can be acquired for 119.99 dollars. Do you buy the 64 GB model of large Surface costs the including aforementioned cover only 699 dollars.

You can also buy Surface Type Cover for Microsoft’s tablet-this costs $129.99.