The Humble Noodlecake Mobile Bundle Offers Us a Dozen of Games at The Price That We Want to

Repeating the success that had the previous bundle for Android, has launched the Humble Noodlecake Mobile Bundle, with the same promotion to get sales to offer more games. This time they are part of the developer Noodlecake Studio.

For those who do not know, we are offered a series of Android games without any DRM at the price we want, with more games as we are contributing more. In addition, as more sales get more games will be that pay more than average, as well as one series of games within a week.


A jigsaw puzzle game with its own mechanics. We have to create polymers that have a beginning and an end, and as longer, get more points. The style of play is very fast, even with a mode of items in two minutes with various levels of difficulty.

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork

A game created in a jam, without too many complications, but equally entertaining. Is a shooter arcade of the old school with bizarre graphics and speed that will force us to constantly shoot waves of aliens

Pumped 2 BMX

A game that has emerged relatively recently but which already points to a bundle. Our goal is to make all kinds of tricks with the bicycle at the same time that we bequeath to the end of the tour, obvious to say that the goal is to get as many points as possible.

Super Golf Stickman 2

Rated as one of the best 2011 mobile games, it is a good recommendation for games of golf fans. a game of golf with a total of 20 levels that will make us remove our ability of concentration for this sport.

Devious Dungeon

A game with levels generated randomly, what gives us many hours of fun. We will have to explore a Dungeon and kill all the enemies that we can, always keeping us alive.

Tower Dwellers

Don’t find me towers defense with a mode story that really appeal to, but this is certainly one of them. We can go to the scenes that we want in a story not linear, since each territory shall grant us a different reward.

Mikey Boots

A mixture between Flapy Bird and an adventure game, but without that stressful difficulty with really a wire conduits. If you want a challenge of truth, this game is a perfect choice that is neither impossible nor eternal.

Wayward Souls

A game designed for those who like fantasy and action without going through the RPG turn-based. Another game with randomly created levels but with a different approach with more action and without plataformeo.

Wave Wave

Inspired by Super Hexagon, this game offers us frantic games but not to that they will test our ability and our reflections. That Yes, much calm, because losses are constant, on the order of one every five seconds in the more difficult levels.