The Mountain Looks More Cool Come to The City in The Hands of Forecast

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting a from innovative brand of Italy whose name was C.P. Company and that was notable for its unique designs a great work of research in colors and fabrics. Today I want to introduce you to a Spanish brand with more than 20 years of history from of Extremadura.

His name is Forecast and although at first it only manufactured parkas and jackets, with the passing of the years is he has diversified to offer a wide range of garments that conform to various styles casual. This season we offer four collections that will make you to visit campus, mountain and city asphalt.

I have to admit that these collections have pleasantly surprised me and best of all is to look at your labels and see that they are printed the words made in Spain. Are you going to lose?

Mountain Apparel

The mountain-inspired looks are everything a boom this season and the campaign of Forecast set in this rock framework. The basic essential for a day in the field are: the sweaters y cardigans Chunky knit, the shirts lumberjack pictures and of course a good boots skin.

As it could not be of another shape, the pattern of fashion purely mountain type Jacquard It is very present in their lookbook decorating point parts.

A dupla winner is which form the pants Chinese with the boots. As I always say, take the boots inside or outside of pants will be to taste of the consumer, but take them out includes launch a more casual pose.

University Club

The University campus is one of the inspirations for the Forecast He has opted for this autumn/winter. Something that doesn’t surprise us because we already know the success of type varsity jacket, backpacks or collections of Dsquared2 or Franklin and Marshall.

Cardigans y Poles shields and rugby numbers combined with colorful jeans y Chinese cut slim roll to ankle height to leave centre stage to beautiful shoes type brogue. No shortage as: fashion as the burgundy colors, fabrics in the form of eight and elbow patches decorating jackets y sweaters.

Urban Basics & Black Label

Without leaving us relaxed own brand scope Forecast, We find more formality and seriousness in these two lines that take us directly to the frenetic pace of the big city.

Grey and black colors are responsible for providing a more formal look to the costumes y coats to go to the office. Of course, the trend still present in double breasted closures and cut slim’s coats y costumes respectively.

The set of prints is something to take into account if we want to emphasize with our clothing. On these lines, we have a fabulous look that combines a American stripes with a shirt frame type vichy. Genius look continues with a Jersey Gray peak which shows a tie Navy Blue.

As you have seen this brand is presented as an interesting alternative to our known as Springfield, HEbyMango or the own ZARA. Forecast It has stores spread throughout the Spanish geography and their prices are affordable (a Jersey or a few jeans they cost approximately €35). You know this brand? Do you have any experience with it?