The Nokia Ace/900 Filters in Images Thanks to Its Advertising Material

The agonizing year 2011 was not going to dismiss without a last-minute leak at the height, as it should be: have released a series of promotional images of Nokia that seems to reveal the expected by the network Nokia 900 / Nokia Ace.

Apparently, the leaked images show a terminal very similar to the Nokia Lumia 800 but with several shades that make thinking clearly in an evolution of this terminal, possibly correcting deficiencies This.

Logo of AT & T suggests in the American market as the first destination of the future terminal, which possibly makes it be Windows Phone 7 which debuts LTE networks of the company.

What stands out most of the filtered image is possible larger screen the Terminal, which can be deduced from the distance that there are now the right side buttons (the camera is below). We also see as it appears a front camera for video calls.

When will this arrive (even nonexistent) Nokia Lumia 900? Who knows if they don’t present it in a few days… It’ll be on the other side of the pond.