“There Is No Change of SIM, The Benefits Will Come in The Medium Term,” Meinrad Spenger in MASMOV! L

The morning started with a completely unexpected news. MASMOV! L and Ibercom they announced their merger, in what is the birth of a telecom operator for private individuals and companies with greater strength in a market that, apparently seen, it seems that it will tend to the concentration of companies.

But the press release announcing the union of both operators focused on enterprise data, without clarifying what would happen with the current MASMOV customers! L to Engadget Mobile has contacted with Meinrad Ehmann, current CEO and maximum representative of the future MÁSMOVIL Ibercom, that kindly resolved us a number of doubts.

Engadget Mobile: how will it affect customers of both companies their merger? There will change of SIM be? What advantages will report to current customers?

Meinrad: Customers shall not charge any change at the beginning, it won’t in fact lack or change your SIM card. Now, in the medium term will be fully benefit, since they will have access to new services, the quality of these will be said and above all, we innovate.

With this fusion MASMOV! L incorporates 50 engineers currently working in Ibercom, which will help us to continue with our r & d, launch new services with for example moving services now Ibercom offers professional clients to our private clients. Also when we have access to 4 G and it is well implemented, using the best frequencies and with greater coverage, will open up many possibilities in the IP World.

Engadget Mobile: it continues to run the plans of MASMOV! L offer smartphones in leasing?

Meinrad: of course, the project is still going. Our goal with the leasing is to reach customers who do not have resources to pay for a mobile free cash monthly mobile phone.

Right now we have 10 dealers where this service is available and hope to finish the month with 50 of the 300 that we have. This is a first phase going at your own pace, because we have to train the distributors but when finished will implement leasing in the online channel.

Engadget Mobile: the agreement is affected in some way to offer ADSL/fibre signed with Jazztel?

Meinrad: For nothing. We are committed to Jazztel predisposition and coverage and go forward with the marketing of our convergent rates.

Engadget Mobile: do there goals marked in the new MASMOV! L Ibercom?

Meinrad: Up to yesterday we have been closing the merger details and starting today we will get goals, but the main is to continue growing.

Engadget Mobile: the merger responds to the need to become strong in a market called concentration?

Meinrad: With the merger we make us strong in this market since then. We won in financial liquidity but above all the confidence of the shareholders of each of the companies we keep.

But above all we want to note that MASMOV! L and Ibercom were ideas of entrepreneurs that have come here. We hope to be able to be a sign, a positive reference for other entrepreneurs or those who are considering undertaking.

We can only from here thank Meinrad Ehmann their willingness to answer our questions and doubts.