Thus It Uses Web WhatsApp from The Computer [APK]

Finally reached one of the novelties that more was expected of WhatsApp, the power to use it from your computer, without having to make rare tricks to use in it. This made it possible with the new update, which includes this somewhat hidden feature. This must be the 2.11.498 version of WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from here if you do not have it.

If we do not get this option, we will have that delete the application cache to us display the WhatsApp Web option by clicking on the Menu. So we go to-> applications settings and select WhatsApp and there press the button clear cache.

Demo video Whatsapp from the computer

When we have it visible, we will only have to go to WhatsApp Web page to connect us, that Yes, we will have to use necessarily the Chrome browser.

Once we enter and we comply with the requirements, will not have to enter the number, but scan the QR code that appears with the option mentioned above.

In just five second browser will have synchronized with the phone and We use WhatsApp from the computer without more technical or applications of root.

The features are fair, we see our conversations, start new, and create new groups. Within them you will be able to send text, images, videos, record some audio and, as they could not miss, the emoticons. That Yes, you will always have the phone connected so don’t miss the conversation because it is not a service in the cloud, but using the telephone as an intermediary. If disconnected have to logout on the web and return to connect us, a point that should improve.

User-level it is very simple and should not assume just complications, although it is true that this option is hidden to the naked eye. It would be interesting to see how to extend the web version and if finally just reaching more browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.