Truvolo Is the Accelerator Pedal’s Telltale

New crowdfunding project allows concerned parents the opportunity to follow along from home, when the children borrow the car.

There is no doubt that young men are the worst, when it comes to traffic accidents. Of course, it is also for this reason that some insurance companies for a few years ago reduced insurance premium, if that car was monitored with a GPS.

The option may now soon come into the hands of Mr and Mrs Denmark. New crowdfunding project named Truvolo has just started on Indiegogo. It writes our site.

The device, which is a small electronics box, can tell whether the vehicle’s location, speed, fuel consumption and more. The company points out, moreover, that in the future would be able to disable sms-functionality from your smartphone while you are driving.

It is, of course, as a starting point a balanced function. However, we still like to hope, as the Danes to tech-giants a day featuring a Danish Siri or Google Now welcome that is ready to dictate our messages, search, etc.

The project has at the time of writing reached $ 664, so there is a long way yet for the company, which has a goal of $ 100,000.

You can become a “Truvolo Driver” for the tidy sum of $ 99. A quick contribution can also ensure you the Unit $ 10 cheaper and the title of “the Early Birder”.

Truvolo will also come up with apps for both iOS and Android.

The company also informs that they are expecting a delivery in June 2014. Do you want to become a beta tester for $ 89, so you can have the device delivered in april. As a beta tester you must however be Android user since iOS version probably is still under development.