TuneIn Radio Updated to “Holo”-Design

TuneIn Radio follow Google’s design-guideline and therefore launches new design for their application-download it here.

Google issued in connection with the launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a new design guide line which should help developers to create applications that shared design with the Android system.

The design will be called Holo is echoed throughout the user interface in Android system and now developers of TuneIn Radio has taken it to heart.

The application has therefore been updated with all-new user interface in true “Android spirit” and looks really delicious out of TuneIn Radio.

It is now possible to swipe from side to side to navigate around listening to radio, which seems really fat, unfortunately, swipe feature is not present in the main menu, which is not fully implemented.

The update has also meant that the application runs more flowing and is quicker to navigate, which provides a much better user experience.

You can download TuneIn Radio free here in Google Play, a paid version is also available for the measly six dollars.


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Source: www.androidpipe.com