Ultra Slow Motion on the Way to Your Phone. View It Here

CPU manufacturer MediaTek now makes it possible to record in slow motion with insane 480 frames per second.

Taiwanese MediaTek has created a new processor that has the power to absorb Wilder slow motion footage than ever.

Smartphones like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus recorder slow motion with 240 frames per second. This corresponds to 8 times more than normal video footage. To illustrate the effect shows MediaTek a video above where they are with their new processor performs the double-namely 480 frames per second.

Even with this huge difference in speed manages to preserve the details of filming for MediaTek Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels, or while the iPhone’s processor must screw down to 1280 x 720 to follow.

The wild forces of the processor is promoted in a new video, like MediaTek has uploaded on YouTube. A BMX-running performing daredevil tricks, and with the many forces in the processor can all details nærstuderes afterwards. The video also shows that you can decide during video playback, how slowly it must go.

MediaTek showed already possibilities with the processor rather than a half year ago, but with the promotion of the processor is the one step closer to bringing ultra slow motion to your next smartphone.