Unravel the Myths and Truths about Motherhood

Moms, especially first-time mothers, listen to many stories during pregnancy and they are not always true.Some information is from the time of our great-grandmothers and was transmitted between generations and, in some cases, without much basis.

Therefore, in order not to wonder what is true or not, we separate a guide to unveil the myths and truths of motherhood.

It is worth mentioning that it is important to have a health plan for pregnant women and always, if you have any questions, ask your doctor, but you should know a few things.

Pregnant women can not paint their hair or use chemicals on them

Truth!Dye and other chemicals – such as those used by progressive brushes – can easily enter the bloodstream.In this way, they can be toxic to the baby, causing problems in gestation, and even deformation.The situation is even worse in the first 16 weeks.

Some foods decrease nausea

Truth!Eating light foods can help decrease nausea of motherhood. Among them are crackers of salt and water, fruits and foods with low fat.

During pregnancy the sexual desire decreases

It depends!Sexual desire is not related to being pregnant, but to how the woman is dealing with the situation and with her body.While some have decreased libido, others have increased sexual desire.

Exercising during pregnancy does not work

It depends!Doing physical activities contributes to health and during pregnancy this is no different.The question is only the type of activity and intensity.Those who are already accustomed to intense training, will be able to continue with the activities, but decreasing the intensity.

Now for those who are sedentary, this is not the best time to start exercising hard.In any of these situations, medical advice is always necessary.

Having sex can hurt your baby.

Myth!This story every woman must have heard.However, the child is protected by the uterus and will have no problem having sex, as it will be well protected.

Pregnant women feel warmer

Truth!The woman’s body in this period works fast, resulting in a greater sensation of heat.

Pregnant women should sleep on the left side

Truth!This is not related to any woman’s belief or preference.If she lies on the right side, the vena cava can be compressed, causing blood pressure to rise and cause problems during pregnancy.

Babies recognize the mother’s voice.

Truth!Throughout the gestation there is closeness with the mother and this causes the child to get used to the vocal tone, although he does not understand what is being said.After birth, this recognition continues.

Pointed belly is a sign of a boy

Myth!There is the belief that according to the shape of the belly it is possible to know the sex of the baby.They say that pointed belly is boy and rounded is girl.However, scientifically, there is no proof of the fact.

Pregnant skin spot when exposed to the sun

Truth!Exposure to the sun can cause blemishes on anyone’s skin, but hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, increasing the likelihood of blemishes.Therefore, the guidance is to avoid exposing yourself to the sun and using sunscreen.

Have a gestation free of myths and, as already said, always seek your doctor whenever you have doubts.Those who do not have a health plan have the right to prenatal care at the health center closest to their home.What can not even be is having doubts in this important period of your life to have a healthy and happy gestation.