View HTC One M9, Samsung S6 and iPhone 6 in Virtual Comparison

Samsung and HTC One M9 S6 is not out yet, but it does not prevent designer Martin Hajek in making a comparison. What do you think is best?

It’s still cold outside, so the spring collections from HTC and Samsung are waiting for warmer times, before they are presented to the sympathetic MWC mobile trade show in early March.

The wait is long, why is it also not with rumors, leaked pictures-and it is from these that the industrial designer Martin Hajek has put together the 3D renderings of HTC’s and Samsung’s upcoming darlings. For simultaneously creating a benchmark, is the virtual HTC and Samsung Mobiles held up against their obvious competitor from Apple: iPhone 6.

The beautiful renderings must of course be taken with a grain of salt. Although the images works lifelike, are all objective, materials and design details solely based on rumors and reports. But from what we know at our site, is the virtual mobiles not far from what we expect to see, when HTC and Samsung holds press event on 28 September. February.

You can see the full gallery below or read more on the Hajeks blog here.

What do you think? Which design do you like?