Vintage Tubs Give A Special Charm To The Retro Bathroom Decor

If the idea is to invest in retro bathroom decor, no doubt, a vintage bathtub will make the environment even more charming and sophisticated. Unlike most modern models, which are generally fixed to the ground, Victorian style bathtubs are mobile and can be exchanged and taken in change, for example.

For more than 50 years already existed in the hydro technology in fixed baths, many people still used the portable model in their bathrooms, so Victorian bathtubs are also widely used in the composition of a retro bathroom.
As its name suggests, the model was born in the Victorian era, which began in the 19th century, when Queen Victoria came to the throne in England. During the your reign, she was leaving your trademark on interior design, decorating of singular way their environments.
Mix references this time the inspirations cinquentistas might be a good time to compose the environment. Pastel colors, checkered floors, vintage frames, antique mirrors, furniture with toothpick, flowers, among other details. All this will help in the bathroom. Simply choose which line to follow.
Doka Bath Works
Faithful replicas of the original baths of the early 19th century, Victorian bathtubs, Doka Bath Works, have classic design, feet in fine finishing and rounded edges. Are ten templates that provide a classic and sophisticated environment, in addition to provide a comfortable and relaxing bath.
All are produced in a volcanic compound Quarrycast which gives the possibility of a finish without masonry. In addition, the component has the ability to water conservation, letting it warm for longer, and guarantees the life, for being a more resistant material, avoiding the risk of breakage. Below are some models of the brand:
Bath Elwick
The bathtub Elwick is a classic option, oval design and with edges and bases. Has the back angle for backrest on both sides, allowing the bath for two people.
Bath Radford
The bathtub Radford is well spacious. Double backrest and stylish details has the edge, offering symmetry linked with perfect angles. Ideal for a good relaxing bath. Like other models, the tub has 25 years guarantee.
Bath Drayton
The more modern touches in Drayton received bath and a refined contemporaneity. Designed to provide maximum comfort to the user, she has a perfect angle of inclination and support for the body while showering. The differentiated design also appears on the feet, on the edges and bold buckle.
Bathtub York
The bathtub York has rounded lines, replacing the traditional metal tub feet for a base Quarrycast. Cast in a single block, she makes a relaxing bath in addition to leave the more sophisticated environment.
Bath Hampshire
The bathtub with feet Hampshire has classic design and rounded edges, being an excellent choice for a bath. With extensive measures for a relaxing bath and special, it provides great flexibility to the environment. Feet bath options in chrome or white finish fine give special charm typical of the Victorian baths.