Vodafone Buys Ono 7,200 Million. Is Official

Confirmed. If Friday was different media which pointed to ONO by Vodafone purchase was closed in the absence of the signature on paper, today we can say because the purchase that it will revolutionize the telecommunications in Spain It is effective.

The Vodafone Group has issued a press release which confirmed the purchase in 7,200 million euros and has also convened a press conference to the 11 hours of the morning in Madrid, where presumably will give more details about the operation. It is the largest operation in the Spanish telecommunications market in years and It could be the starting gun For more movements.

While the official position of the Board of shareholders of ONO’s last Thursday was the follow output process to bag on Friday all pointed to its sale to Vodafone was closed in the absence of sign it. And that Confirmation, has arrived that first time we were waiting for the 11 a.m. already in the form of press release.

7,200 million euros, 7.5 times EBITDA of 2013

From the British company have confirmed the price they have paid for the Millicom Spanish, 7,200 million euros, which will not need any type of external financing as they will leave directly from the case of Vodafone, well nourished after the departure of the EEUU Verizon Wireless operator group.

Vodafone boasts acquisition, with an emphasis on the coverage of the cable of ONO, 7.2 million households in 17 regions, in the leadership of ONO in the sector of high speeds and its innovation in the sector of the pay-per-view TV with TiVo. Television is precisely a point to mention, since Vodafone you will have to pay in taxes the 0.9% of revenues After the purchase of ONO to finance RTVE.

The largest movement in Spain in years

ONO by Vodafone purchase represents the busiest environment the sector of telecommunications in Spain in years. In the absence of the approved of the CNMC or Europe, that should not pose any problem to not occur a great gathering, we did not see similar movements since Vodafone ADSL market our country buying Tele2 or throw back even with the purchase of Amena by party Airtel by the same Vodafone or Orange.

But in addition to being a great movement which Vodafone is made with ONO and all your important assets should be the pistolezo of output for further movements in Spain. Especially now who is left hanging is Orange, main rival for size of Vodafone and which has an agreement with it to deploy fiber that we do not know to be, and that it will now have to consider what to do in Spain to be able to stand up to the big two, Movistar and Vodafone.

21% share in the market of fixed broadband

Back to talk about the new Vodafone, although I already anticipate that we are preparing a more extensive article on this issue, we find that this coup It gets more than one million mobile lines of distance to his immediate pursuer, Orange, which had in sight with intention to overcome it in a matter of one or two years.

But where is given a larger shift is the fixed broadband market, households Internet connections. Be the fifth company on the market after ONO, Jazztel, Movistar and Orange, Vodafone goes directly to the second post with important 21% market share. But it is also in the line of high speed, fiber or cable market, Vodafone makes with a 57% market share.