“We Prefer to Have The Giga Cheapest 4 G”, Interview with Andres F. Alvarez, Director of Marketing for MASMOV! L

Although during the Mobile World Congress Spanish operator that took all bulbs was Telstra, with the agreement with Pepephone of background and a few novelties of by half, but also had time for a chat for quite a while with Andrés. F. Álvarez, director of marketing for MASMOV! L.

An interview in which we try to obtain the opinion of the virtual about their own evolution and that of the telecommunications market in Spain in its six years of life, recent changes in strategy and of course, about the 4G and the virtual. Then you have our the full interview.

Six years in the market

You have just turned six on the Spanish mobile market, how you see the evolution of the market for all these years?

Maini and Cris founded the company as a start-up with the idea that in Spain it was paying a price premium and today this is shown. It is a sector that five years 15,000 million euros invoiced and today is billed approximately 7.800, figures that were not accurate, and it is not because we are in a crisis, people increasingly consume more but increasingly pay less.

Also in the market of six years could be about 30 virtual but today those who cut or cut the cod are less than ten. Anything to an operator founded by two entrepreneurs, without large shareholders and a group behind, certainly has a great merit.

Us have experienced different phases of exponential growth, sustained but flat growth… but quite frankly, that has never ceased to grow is the consumption and billing. Those are very valid indicators and we can say today we are and will be one of the operators in this country, we are independent or not. At this stage we are completely healthy economically now seek to duplicate us, tripling us…

Data of customers of big operators, we can speak to the publication by the CNMC and themselves but not with the virtual, which pooled data we only officially receive or on occasions when you make them public. How is evolution now másmovil?

In particular we are now at a peak and give you a few details: last week capture than in all November and in January we had a net balance of portability of more than 1000 lines.

“Right now we are at a peak of clients.”

But there were months ago not so good doesn’t it?

Completely, but would have to do the causes. We are in a transition, completely changing our image and positioning, and even 80% of customers are still in the three large operators. Our struggle, Pepephone and others is give us to know and reduce the distrust that may exist in the virtual to be able to point to the 80% that continues with the three big operators.

Now if you have seen how you are changing, for example eliminating your offers of recruitment and speaking pepephone, do not think that you are Pepephonizando?

We do not use the image of anyone but rather across the enterprise and we are also trying to simplify things and the naming of our offer is very clear, betting on a single rate, rate zero, with different combinations of voice and data. We are also a little strange… is that many things have worked you at Pepephone and they work very well but we are different and our positioning is not the same. Give attention to the customer in seven languages, for example, is something absolutely differential.

Recruitment and fees policy

What has made you relinquish offerings capture that you both usabais before?

In Europe, where they come from our founders, is something that works and is valued very well but in our case the filled end basket of that type of user saltarin, who goes looking for deals, a very difficult or virtually impossible to retain user.

“With recruitment offers full basket with jumping users who are looking for the deals.”

In a long-term strategy you have to necessarily go to something that does not increase our churn or number of outlets, we can not rely on promotion periods. In addition to these developments das user perception that you can download more prices, when it is not true, and over just blowing the loyalty.

We have gone from a wide range of rates to a single rate of castable why that change?

If you are saying that you are different what we have to do is give the freedom of choice to the people. The self-configuring and self-management seems the best way to convey simplicity and clarity, very different to the rates with names devoid of any connection with the product name and put hard-to-measure combinations.

Now your offer stands out the offer for the price of the giga but what happen when others will match or you improve?

It is difficult that the turnover of the sector continue down as it has been down the past few years and in this sense, we believe that it will be difficult to us to equalise. Now, our offer is very studied and calculated, we are a virtual which we buy from a network operator using this, we live in a constant negotiation with Orange and our decision has been going to cheapen the giga to offer 4 G.

But I will be when Amena I for example even in price?

When Amena we even hope that everything that we are doing around the “we are rare” has generated a level of bonding services around that retain customers. In fact our level of interaction with users on social networks (Facebook, Twitter…) have multiplied and not precisely because of claims.

To close the subject rates, are not going to see a fee without accommodation or a lower call set-up than usual?

At that point we depend entirely on Orange and the voice is not the business. We carry because time going to benefit zero in the voice segment and unless the big to do any movement there will be news environment to the establishment of call.

Coverage, 4G and virtual

On the 4G how are talks or negotiations with Orange?

It is on our roadmap but it is not our priority, we prefer to give the cheaper giga on the market to offer a faster connection at a very small part of the territory. Now, you can ensure that when the first virtual of Spain has 4G there will be us.

“The 4G is on our roadmap, but it is not our priority.”

Will we see it before the summer?

We can not give dates, the road that leads each to 4 G is complex. We have been talking about it with Orange for more than half a year, and although there is a perception that we have caught the neck of relations are excellent, you can not imagine what take precedence us that we grow and how they support us in many areas.

It’s called to your door Yoigo?

We are in an industry in which contacts are constant, although since news of Pepephone and Telstra jumped no there has been no contact especially with Yoigo.

When you see in articles that we published on developments in rates for Másmovil and see that people say “that penalty having coverage Orange”, do you think?

In our case, with 30% of foreign customers, there is a negative perception about our coverage. The reality is that today operators sell their antennas to third companies and all just being “leased”, being very similar coverage at the end.

From here We are left more than thank Andrés. F. Álvarez and the staff of MASMOV! L the time we spent in a few days so entertaining as they were those of the Mobile World Congress.