Whatsapp Is Dense: Secure End-To End Encryption Enabled

After last, the conflict between Apple and the FBI to the decryption of the iphone for months made headlines, the public awareness of the issue of secure communication is aware. Accordingly, the announcement of the founder of whatsapp comes Jan Koum and Brian Acton, as well as the encryption experts Moxie Marlinspike compared to wired exactly at the right time. The three compared to the US magazine reported to the Messenger service pulls up all fences and forecloses the data of its over one billion users counting against inquisitive third hermetically.
USA: Eddy to whatsapp Encryption

Whatsapp: encryption on all active devices

After whatsapp long time due to exploits, has been laxem data protection, as well as missing encryption the criticism, the service associated now with Facebook has improved significantly. So, whatsapp already 2014 announced cooperation with security experts repeatedly praised by Edward Snowden open whisper systems in to transfer from the signal Messenger, open source code encryption technology in whatsapp. While the encryption of messages for Android users is to be active for some time, the security failed as soon as users with an iphone in the conversation were involved. But the uncertainty is now from the world, as known there are also open whisper.

The great whatsapp-ABC

Safe chat for all

As the service tells you have implemented encryption technology gradually in recent months for various operating systems. The process is now complete, bringing the end-to end encryption for Android, iphone, Windows phone, Nokia S40, Nokia S60, blackberry and BB10 and it represents all users available. This technique ensures not only individual chats by whatsapp users, but also group chat, attachments, voice messages and even calls. While the information directly on the device of the user decrypts at the end-to end encryption reverse – and only again at the other. So, even whatsapp has no chance to get messages to its users.

So it works

To in the future via a secure connection with family, friends, colleagues via whatsapp to replace need to do nothing. The encryption function is enabled by default. The only requirement: all communication partners need to have installed the latest version of Messenger app. This is the case, whatsapp message displays automatically in the chat window, all messages and calls in this chat with end-to end encryption are protected now. As a bonus feature is the ability to authenticate the respective chat partner per security number. To this need to scan each other the a QR code. Whatsapp know this then make sure that the user account of John Doe really is on the other end and not someone who only pretends to be Max. How does the encryption technology in detail, describes the provider in a separate PDF document.

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Whatsapp now really sure?

Encryption of videos, photos and text by about a billion users, whatsapp is a clear sign, as security experts noticed cris Thomas. The company forward in all trials of law enforcement, to compromise the security of the messengers, so Thomas defies further with the end-to end encryption. However, it is to bear in mind that this content only on the way from a Smartphone to another protected. Each user should note so that the data on the smart phones are fully exposed. This is especially true if you save your chats in an unencrypted cloud or grant third parties access to your Smartphone. Also whatsapp still don’t know how what you replace with whom and when you communicate, the service registers as before. Whatsapp abides by the terms and conditions still have the right to store metadata before.

Assessment: encryption is giant step

Whatsapp is one of more than a billion users, only the network part of the family has more Facebook. Thus, the service is regarded as the most popular Este Messenger at all. While the crypto Messenger just got a big problem: there are too many of them and their users are scattered around in comparison to whatsapp to different systems, that can not communicate with each other. With the recent update of Messenger whatsapp has taken a giant step forward, because end-to-end encryption ensures at least no ragtail can read messages of other users even if they should catch it. That all messages are sent further via server location United States, can be criticized. One credit may whatsapp that they with open whisper system for choosing a partner, who for years to secure Messenger, such as signal (formerly redphone and Textsecure) is responsible and enjoys great confidence. That now come whatsapp users with Android and iphone devices benefit from end-to-end encryption, provides at least a billion people for significantly more security.

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