WhatsApp Is Massively Suspending Account WhatsApp Plus Users and Other Customers

Last November saw WhatsApp began to block the account to users who did not use the official application, but it was not until today, when it seems that the popular messaging client has taken seriously apply its terms of service, as in the last hours thousands of users that use WhatsApp Plus they are watching as your account has been suspended.

WhatsApp confirmed on their website that they are suspending the use of WhatsApp Plus not being an authorized application, and the same with other unofficial clients. Users who want to recover your account and return to use WhatsApp will have that install the official client.

WhatsApp Plus, non-authorised client

Why I have suspended the use of WhatsApp Plus and how I may revoke the suspension?WhatsApp Plus is not an authorized by WhatsApp application. WhatsApp Plus is not associated with WhatsApp and we do not support WhatsApp plus. WhatsApp can not guarantee the security of WhatsApp Plus and use can put at risk the personal and private data on your mobile phone. It is possible that WhatsApp Plus share your information with third parties without your knowledge or permission applications.
You must uninstall this application and download a licensed version of WhatsApp from our web site or Google Play. You can then use WhatsApp.

If you use WhatsApp Plus or other unauthorized client and do not want that they suspend it the account, or already have suspended it for you, you know that you must uninstall those customers e install the official WhatsApp for Android app. The suspensions last 24 hours.

The reason why WhatsApp no longer allows third-party customers is to ensure our security and privacy, since it is dangerous to let our information and messages on unauthorized third-party applications.


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