Wielding in Our Site-Denmark Gets Rid of Layoffs?

Our site Sonera heralds just now, that up to 2,000 employees to be fired. Our site in Denmark hope they’ve taken their stint.

The mobile industry is under pressure and has a hard time making money, so that cut down the staff, says our site’s ceo.

Therefore heralds the just now, that up to 2,000 employees to be fired, but Denmark has taken his stint, says Communications Manager Mette Honoré from our site Denmark.

-“I don’t have any expectations that there will be something greater in Denmark. We took a good grip, as there was last year’s savings, “says Mette Honoré told Ritzau.

Our site of Denmark resigned last year up against every fifth position in Denmark.

At the same time, pointed out that the price war that Mette Honoré is the reason for the savings has been in Denmark for several years, while it is new in Sweden.