Women Dress Sexy when You are Ovulating

Women in the ovulation usually put or buy sexier clothes to beat the competition. These are the findings of a new study conducted by scientists in the US.

Women Dress Sexy when You are Ovulating

According to a study by the University of Minnesota women found in the period of ovulation, on a subconscious level always choose sexier clothes than usual. They do this in order to look better than other women, says British media “Science Daily”.

The passion of women at the peak of their fertility to choose without thinking provocative outfit is motivated by the desire to surpass and “beat” the other attractive women, said Dr. Christina Durant, who led the study of summerdressesstore. If you look more desirable than competition, you have a greater chance to successfully stand out and be more preferred.

During the study, researchers asked women to consider a series of photographs of attractive local women and then have the opportunity to choose your own clothes and accessories.

So it turned out that the majority of participants who were ovulating during the study who chose sexier fashion items. The motivation for these actions were attractive local ladies. The result was not the same when tested ladies watched women who live far from their territory.

In order to attract the desired mate, a woman needs to assess the level of attractiveness of other women in their environment to determine what else is needed to be better and therefore “taken in the snare,” the man says e p Durant.

The change in the choice of purchasing is not conscious women who are not ovulating, do not behave in this way, proved more study.

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