Xbox One Took the Lead During the Christmas Month

Xbox One beat the PlayStation 4 in sales race to be best-selling in December.

Giants battle is in progress on the console market, where Xbox One stands in one corner, against the competitor the PlayStation 4 in the opposite corner.

One of the really big games is to win the most seats under the Christmas trees in December, where children and play happy allows for extra large earnings for producers.

Sony behind Playstation published earlier in January impressive sales figures, which showed that Playstation 4 until the end of December 2013 was sold in 4.2 million copies.

Nevertheless, there are some who suggest that Microsoft’s Xbox One will be the winner of the Christmas sales in the United States by 2013.

Figures from the NPD Group shows that Xbox One was the best selling console in the US market in December, with 908,000 units.

Meanwhile, sales of the Xbox 360 that Microsoft in the same month, lashed over the counter 643,000 times, making it the third best-selling console.

Thus have the Xbox One and Xbox 360 a share of 46 percent of the total us market, which represents a gain of 10 percent compared to December 2012.

How many Sony Playstantion 4 and 3 there was sold is yet unknown, but the figures show very well that the United States has always been a strong market for Xbox in spite of the fact that the Xbox One is more expensive than the PS4.

One thing that is interesting for future sales figures, how many games are being sold as it gives developers a financial basis in order to give priority to a platform before another. Xbox One nor drawers here since 6 out of the top 10 best selling games were for the Xbox One. The game was Battlefield 4, Forza Motor sport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Madden NFL 25 and Call of Duty: Ghosts (Source: NPD Group, December 2013).

There must not, however, be no doubt that the console war continues.